19-23: Nuts

Do you enjoy nuts? I wasn’t a big fan of them growing up, but find myself warming up to them in my adult years. 19-23: Nuts is another entry from Simply Delicious’ Cooking School, and it outlines a lot of different types of nuts, ranging from the more common to some less frequently used kinds. Nuts are found in all types of cuisines, and are a good source of protein and other healthy stuff.

In case Simply Delicious isn’t enough for you, here’s a link to the Wikipedia entry for nuts. Compare that to the “nut” wisdom from 35 years ago you can find after the jump.

Like we usually do, I’ll give you some Simply Delicious recipes that correspond to the different nut types listed above. If I don’t have any for that recipe (there are a few), we’ll leave it as a placeholder in case I decide to come back some day and update it once I do have some.

2-18: Luncheon Salad


I love walnuts in desserts like cookies or cakes. They’re great in salads as well.


Pecan pie is a staple in the American South–it’s one of the most common uses of pecans.


I love pistachios on their own (especially roasted) or used in something like pesto.

13-9: Enchiladas


I’ve experimented with making vegan nacho cheese from cashews, but cashews are good just on their own as well.


Not just for ball gamespeanuts are great for several types of cuisines.

14-14: Sliced Pineapple with Nut Meringue


Who doesn’t love Nutella? Believe it or not, hazelnuts are pretty delicious in their original form as well.

Brazil nuts

None yet–check back later for updates!

16-14: Orange-Almond Cake


Almonds are a big deal here where I live in California, but with the recent proliferation of plant-based products, they’re high in demand everywhere. They’re controversial as an agricultural crop due to the amount of water they require, but that doesn’t seem to be slowing down consumption anytime soon.

Macadamia nuts

Prices tend to vary for macadamia nuts, but they are delicious in cookies and dipped in chocolate. If you have a trip planned to Hawaii anytime soon (or know someone who does), be sure to bring some back with you!