The NEW Book

One year ago today, we went for a casual stroll through a local Goodwill, like many other Saturdays before it. Been through that Goodwill many times, but THIS time, there was something special waiting for me, and I found it.

Another Simply Delicious book. With a different style of cover and everything.

I’ve waited a year to tell you that I’ve found more recipes. This seemingly never-ending project just got longer.

I have stated at other times that I didn’t feel like I wanted to add any more to what I considered my personal “canon”–the original set my mom gave me long ago. But when I saw it, there was no question that it was coming home with me. There wasn’t a LOT of new content, but there were quite a few that I’d never seen before.

Here’s the questions I had and you probably have about this discovery:

Is this older or newer than the ones you already have?

I think this book is a newer version than the ones I already have. Stylistically, the cover looks “updated”, and the cards inside look like they were printed much more cheaply (inks aren’t as vivid, paper is thinner).

What was inside?

This looked like one that belonged to someone who didn’t subscribe for very long–there was a few sets’ worth of cards (sets had about 20 cards each, if I remember correctly), but not as extensive as my collection. It barely filled the one book, and my original set filled three books.

It had the full set of dividers (in much better condition than mine) and even had a bonus fact file that I’ve included HERE for you to download. I don’t know if I’ll write a full post about the fact file, but I wanted to share it in case there was something interesting in there for you.

How many new recipes did you find?

Probably close to 50 or 60? I counted them when I originally found the book by running through and comparing all the categories, and was able to fill in quite a few gaps. I also found one or two to replace some of my Group 10 cards that got badly damaged in an overzealous roach elimination episode.

Keep in mind I’m over 400 recipes into this project, and still have hundreds more to go. By adding even more, this just got much longer.

What are your plans for it?

After I took out the recipes I didn’t have, I debated on what to do with the extra cards and book. I actually ended up needing the book once I put all the new recipes into my collection since it now expanded past 3 volumes–now I have 4 books.

As for the extra cards–I still haven’t decided. My original thought was to release the ones I didn’t need “back into the wild” of Goodwill and let someone else find it, but now that I’ve kept the book part itself, I’m reconsidering. I may mail them off individually or in packs to people who want them, or something else. Haven’t decided yet.

However, I can tell you this: if there’s a card you’re looking for and I happen to have a copy of it in this batch, I’ll be happy to mail it to you. Email me at and we’ll talk. All of this is to say that there’ll be some upcoming posts that are not only untested, they’re unknown. Years in and this project still has new surprises for me.