17-25: Almond Rolls

17-25: Almond Rolls are kind of a bonus holiday baking (XMAS 16) post for me–only one person received the bulk of these, as they made up part of a week-long Secret Santa gift-giving event that my work puts on. ?? My giftee for Secret Santa not only got these, but a batch of 17-9: Brownies with toasted hazelnuts both in the batter and on top, as well as a batch of my family’s chocolate chip cookie recipe with red & green M&Ms swapped in for semisweet bits. ??

These almond rolls are similar to cinnamon rolls/buns, and like the recipe that Simply Delicious provides for cinnamon rolls, these ones lack a glaze/icing as well. However, given the sweetness of the filling and the fact that these are a gift for someone, I’ll forgo adding icing on my own this time. ?

I’m not sure why they rank this as difficult–it’s just tedious. ¾ lb. of almond paste works out to 12 oz., which is impossible to find in one package, at least in my supermarkets. No matter what I ended up with a bit extra, but it’s a good thing what is essentially marizpan is so tasty.

Ingredients. I don’t have it pictured, but I used some raw turbinado sugar for the tops of the rolls and some regular brown sugar mixed with cinnamon for sprinkling inside the rolls.

Dissolving the yeast in the milk.

Melted butter to combine with the yeast/milk mixture.

Stirring all the wet ingredients together.

Adding in the flour to start making dough.

After kneading and mixing. Note the size in the bottom of the bowl.

After letting it rise. Same bowl–much bigger.

Made the almond filling in the small top part of my new processor.

Spread the filling on top of the dough as best as I could–it wasn’t an easy task.

Sprinkled cinnamon sugar on top of the almond paste mixture.

Rolled up the dough rectangles and sliced each one, making rolls. The two unattractive ones on the bottom right were the ends of the rolls–those are just for us to eat. Greased the pan with a bit of spray, just in case.

Allowed the rolls to proof some more and then sprinkled them with the raw turbinado sugar crystals before popping them in the oven.

After baking. I think those look beautiful and made a great gift for my Secret Santa giftee! ? I snagged only an end for myself, but looking at this picture, I wish I would have indulged and had one of the full rolls! The end I had was great, so I can only imagine how good the ones full of the filling were. ?

Grade: A+

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