8-35: Flambéed Steak Diane

Today I have something “old-school” for you–8-35: Flambéed Steak Diane. This is a dish that’s been around for a while and is considered “retro” today. It is similar to steak au poivre and is another of those “quick pan-fried steak” recipes that use butter and some sort of umami as a sauce.

This is the last entry from the batch of beef-but-not-beef recipes I made to clean out the freezer–I’ve had those posts sitting in my queue for quite a while. I had to space them out because they’re all SO similar. You can scroll back to 8-39: Tournedos with Blue Cheese Sauce and 8-38: Brandy Two-Pepper Beef Steak for the other entries in this recent “mini-series”.

Hot pepper sauce would certainly give a different experience than using Worcestershire sauce (or even HP sauce like their image shows).

Ingredients. I finally bought a bottle of brandy starting with 15-15: Tiramisu, and will probably have it for however long it takes me to finish this project (forever). Chives are from my garden (they’re struggle chives) and as I mentioned before, the homemade fake meat is from my freezer.

Draining the “steak medallions”.

Chopped the shallot and now getting started on the chives.

Shallot goes on the stove with some butter. You can see the diced chives in the background.

Adding the chives, Worcestershire sauce, and lemon juice.

Browning the “meat” in a separate pan.

Instead of putting my browned steaks in the pot with the onion, I went the other way and added the onion mixture to the pan, deglazing it in the process.

Time for flambé!

I never see much of a difference between the before and after when they tell you to flambé.

Final plate, along with some weird pinkish wild rice blend (it’s the red something or other in there that ALWAYS turns it pink). A perfectly serviceable weeknight dinner.

Grade: B+