15-15: Tiramisu

If you’re still in the “indulgent” spirit, 15-15: Tiramisu comes highly recommended. I remember when tiramisu had its big moment around the time this book was published, so it’s not surprising that it was included in this book.

This is a great one to make in advance of a party or dinner…just don’t sneak too many bites before you serve it!

Almond biscuits are most commonly known as biscotti–another item that had a big moment in the 80s and 90s with the help of the spread of coffee house culture.

Ingredients. I’m going to make two versions of this, so I have the called for mascarpone (NOT “mar-sca-pony”) as well as some lactose-free and dairy-free options that are going to get used as well. In the spirit of duality, I also have two types of biscotti. Coffee is some left over cold brew, made via this method.

Separating the eggs into whites and yolks. Yolks are in the mixing bowl along with the powdered sugar.

I like to cover the mixer when I use “powdery” things like flour or…powdered sugar. No matter how slow you start it, if it’s not covered it tends to end up everywhere.

The two batches start the same, but will start to diverge shortly.

Here’s the full-dairy batch (red lid), with the mascarpone being folded into the egg/sugar mixture.

Meanwhile, I cleaned out the mixing bowl and reset it for making meringue out of the egg whites.

Those are some stiff peaks.

The two batches both get their helpings of meringue to mix in.

Starting the layers for the red lid (full-dairy) batch.

Since this is the one from the recipe, I wanted it to look the nicest and chose the most intact cookies for it.

After finishing the layers, I sprinkled the top with some instant espresso.

Since the blue lid (mixed-dairy) was mostly just to “share the experience”, I was okay with running short on nice cookies and substituting in some Oreos for this one.

Red lid (full-dairy version) after chilling. Looks like tiramisu to me.

An attempt at a cross-section. It was DELICIOUS. Both versions were great, but this one was VERY good.

Grade: A