4-2: Green Beans with Hazelnut Butter

This recipe, 4-2: Green Beans with Hazelnut Butter along with 7-55: Sunday Pork Stew and 4-4: Scalloped Parsley Potatoes were my first attempt at trying to do 3 of these entry recipes at once. It ended up being harder to do than I thought.

One I’ve made before, about 6 years ago along with 6-40: Peppercorn Chicken Breasts and some other ones. I really like this technique/flavor profile–I use it a lot, even when I’m not documenting it for the Internet.

You can swap out different nuts instead of hazelnuts for this one if you want to–I like to use pecans or walnuts when I make this. I don’t like their suggestion of using canned or frozen beans–I just don’t think they’re anywhere as good as fresh ones.

Ingredients. I didn’t have any fresh parsley, but this one WAS fresh, and recently dried. Same idea with the lemon juice. Close enough. I should have just bought the pre-chopped hazelnuts from the baking aisle, but I went for the bulk bin ones instead.

Trimming the ends off the beans. They show the non-stem end still on the beans in their picture, but I usually just chop both off because it’s easier.

Blanching the beans. They recommend 10-12 minutes, but that seems rather long to me. Go with what works for the consistency of bean that you prefer.

Hazelnuts, after being run through the grinder. Don’t make my mistake of dumping the powder in there too–it turns into a gummy mess. 🙁

See what I mean? Would have looked a lot better without the powder-gunk everywhere.

Final shot, with 4-4: Scalloped Parsley Potatoes and 7-55: Sunday Pork Stew on the plate as well. A well-rounded meal, if I do say so myself.

Grade: A (when you follow directions)