20-8: Pie Crust

I missed getting this one out in time for 4th of July, but summer’s far from over here in the U.S. If you happen to have some seasonal fruit or are looking for a lighter dinner option (I grew up on quiches and I love them), 20-8: Pie Crust can be a great base recipe for both of those. And of course, this isn’t limited to just summer–pie crusts are useful all year round.

You can even make up a bunch of pie crust dough balls using this recipe and freeze them individually–just pull one out when needed and let it defrost.

There’s a few different “paths” provided for your pie crust journey–if you have a food processor, this will be much easier than if you don’t. Also, depending on your chosen filling, you may need to “blind bake” (or parbake) your unfilled pie crust first, possibly with the use of pie weights or something similar.

Oh, and you’re DEFINITELY going to need a rolling pin.

Ingredients. There’s not a lot of them, just flour, sugar, and some sort of fat. I’ve chosen to use some non-dairy butter for mine.

I DO have a food processor, so I’ll be using it along with the dough blade and setting.

If you wanted to know what “coarse crumbs” looks like, that’s pretty much it.

Here’s when you know you’re done–when the ball of dough comes together and sticks to the side of the bowl.

Ball is wrapped and ready to chill. You could make up a bunch of these and toss them in your freezer.

This one is going to be used in the near future, so it’s going in the fridge (along with the cat food and cold brew) to chill.

Now, I have to be honest with you–the remaining pictures for this entry….are not of this pie crust. I had made mini cherry pies with this one, but neglected to take (or maybe save?) any pictures of it.

So…I’ll just keep going with another pie I recently made that I DID take pictures of. We’re going to use this one as an “inspiration pie”.

This pie is a cherry and peach pie (I had cherries and peaches to use up) and I used Stella Parks’ cherry pie recipe to make it.

The top lattice crust is her pie crust recipe (the other half of it is in my freezer) and the bottom is a spare deep dish Marie Callender’s frozen crust that I had after buying a two pack to make a quiche. As I said, this is an INSPIRATION pie–here’s an idea of what you COULD do with this recipe.

Another angle of the lattice crust before baking. The zig-zag edges of the lattice are done using a pastry wheel, which you can also use for making ravioli.

After baking. It’s lost a bit of its height (as the fruit baked down), and my top isn’t very shiny because I didn’t do an egg wash. There’s also some leaking too–I probably overfilled it a bit. Otherwise, it came out pretty well.

One more angle after baking. I needed some help sealing my edges, but I always seem to need help with that.

After slicing into the pie. Lattice top held together pretty well.

Final plate–all it needs is a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Happy pie baking!

Grade: A