17-17: Banana Bread with Pecans

While I’m not a huge fan of bananas themselves, I’m surprisingly a fan of banana bread. ?? It’s always good for breakfast or as a snack. This particular recipe for it, 17-17: Banana Bread with Pecans uses honey to sweeten it, which is a nice alternative to using processed sugar.

17-17 Banana Bread with Pecans

Simply Delicious gives you a nice blurb here on bananas–for a more in-depth look, check out 19-5: Bananas, part of the Cooking School series featured at the end of the cookbook.

17-17 Banana Bread with Pecans1

Despite its lack of notes, this recipe has been made before–Adam made it about a year and a half ago (but didn’t take pictures) when I was taking a break from this project and he had some old bananas to use up.

Ingredients. Don’t mind the very dark bananas–they’ll still work well for banana bread. No plain yogurt, so a peach Greek yogurt will have to do. No pecans (despite the title of the recipe), so we’ll go with walnuts instead (and the addition of the cinnamon and cloves as notes in the “Tips”, even though they’re not pictured here).

Honey, eggs, & oil. It’s not going to cream exactly the same way as granulated sugar and eggs will, but you’re essentially going for the same idea/effect.

Baking soda & powder along with flour to be sifted. Sifting ensures even distribution of the ingredients as well as eliminating any big chunks, giving you a fluffier cake or bread.


See? Sifting catches things you might not normally catch. It’s a good thing to do, but even I admit sometimes I just throw everything into the mixer and let ‘er rip.


Mixed up,  yet extremely smooth batter.


Bananas are mashed easily with a fork, especially when they’re this ripe.


Bananas are added into the batter along with the pecans and yogurt.


I decided to use my Bundt pan for this bread instead of the traditional loaf pan–why not?


Fits well, let’s see what happens…


Looks mighty delicious to me. Now remember, with Bundts, the top is the bottom. So in reality, it should look like this…


Still looks pretty good. How about the inside?


Final shot. You can see the bits of walnuts, banana, and the spices in there. Overall, it was a pretty good bread. Wrap it well though, otherwise it tends to dry out quickly.

Grade: A