17-27: Nut Cookies

17-27: Nut Cookies are tremendous. My mother certainly never baked cookies like this. She is into the traditional chocolate chip variety only. ?

This was my first time baking with rye flour, which we had left over from when Jamie made 17-37: Holiday Cookies. ?

I did follow the tip and bake these one sheet at a time. I thought it would make the cookies come out more consistently.

Here’s a nice shot of the ingredients all laid out.

I mixed the butter and brown sugar into a creamy consistency by hand. Jamie usually prefers to use the mixer. I think my dough would have come out stiffer if I had used the mixer because the butter wouldn’t have melted so much. After I mixed everything, I could have tossed the bowl in the fridge to set, but I didn’t. We’ll see how they come out later.

After I stirred in the eggs, I had to get out the knife and chop some hazelnuts.

Chopping nuts is fun! The feel of the nut meat is different than chopping through vegetables or animal meat. They are hard, yet will yield to pressure exerted by the blade. If you chop too hard, hazelnuts will fling across the room. If you chop too softly, the hazelnut will roll to the side, leaving you with large chunks in the batter. Make sure to reserve some whole hazelnuts to put on top of the cookies!

I added the rye flour, all-purpose flour, and hazelnuts into the batter and started stirring. My arm muscles got a good workout.

I greased a cookie sheet and laid out the dough balls as directed on the card to leave enough room for the cookies to radiate out. I plopped a hazelnut in each ball and got this pan in the oven immediately because the batter was getting runny. At this point I should have put the rest of the dough in the refrigerator while this batch baked. Instead, I put the other pan together and left it out on the counter.

Check out how golden brown and delicious they are. These cookies came out very brittle and I feel the texture would have been softer if I refrigerated the dough.

Grade: A-