3-9: Mexican Chicken Soup

Chicken soup is always good on a day when you are feeling sick. I made 3-9: Mexican Chicken Soup on a really hot day, basically the worst type of day to make chicken soup. I was able to freeze and store all of this soup for future meals. Later on in the week that I made this soup, I caught a nasty cold and having a stockpile of chicken soup really helped me feel better.

The spice mixture is the only part of this soup that is remotely Mexican.

Editor’s noteSimply Delicious has another “Mexican” soup–check out 3-15: Quick Mexican Soup if you want what is essentially a ground-beef version of this soup. 

I just put the spice mixture into the soup directly, it gave the soup that extra kick it needed.

This recipe uses so many colorful ingredients: tomatoes, celery, onion, peppers, and carrots provide the base for this tasty soup.

I forgot to include the potatoes in the main ingredient photo.

Chicken soup is the best. The chicken thighs are cooking in boiling water while I chop the carrots. Here’s where I added the carrot pieces.

Next I chop the leeks and add them into the pot.

Chopped onion always makes me cry. This recipe calls for 2 onions, but this was one and a half and it seems like a lot of onion.

Here’s where I added some seasonings and bay leaf and turned the heat down.

At this point, I cover the pot and let the soup cook for a while.

I prepared the other vegetables in a bowl before adding to the soup. Chopping celery is easy, peeling and chopping potatoes is not fun. Luckily, I bought the peppers pre-chopped. Anything to make finishing the recipe an easier task is alright with me.

I removed the chicken and broth into a separate bowl, poured the soup back into the pot though cheesecloth and a strainer.

Only a few more ingredients to add. Here’s where I added the can of tomatoes and potatoes.

I’m getting ready to bring the soup to a boil in this shot.

There is only one last step. Add the chicken to the soup pot and heat through. I cooled the soup down after I removed it from the heat and stored it in the freezer and fridge. I ate this soup for over a week. Because I didn’t eat it that night, I forgot to shoot a final photo.

Here’s a bowl of chicken soup similar to the one I served. All credit to the original photographer. It’s not the most Mexican soup I’ve ever eaten, but it got the job done.