17-20: Macadamia Chip Cookies

I went pretty cookie-heavy last year when I baked for the holidays, so this year (XMAS 16) I only included one cookie recipe: 17-20: Macadamia Chip Cookies. These ones got pretty rave reviews as well (17-42: Luscious Lemon Bars received the most accolades this year), and I definitely found myself sneaking a few before I packed up and shipped off everyone’s treat packages. ?

Simply Delicious is right about one thing: these cookies do make a great gift, and they ship well. Macadamia nuts are a smooth, mild nut that most people won’t be offended by, and the combination of white and semisweet chocolate are the best of both worlds.

Another nice thing about this recipe: it’s quick. ⏰ After multiple yeast-related recipes with hours of rising and proofing time this year, a speedy cookie recipe is much appreciated.

Ingredients. I doubled this recipe in order to give every giftee at least 3 cookies, so I went through a LOT of butter and chocolate. Macadamia nuts were surprisingly hard to come by–I had to resort to a last-minute Amazon Prime order after trips to multiple grocery stores were less than successful.

Slicing up butter to make it easier to distribute evenly in the mixer.

Mixing the butter and sugar.

A purely brown sugar cookie recipe is going to be very sweet.

Mixing in the flour–notice the switch to the paddle from the whisk attachment on the mixer.

I think I hit the mixer capacity

I like to use these cookie sheets for baking cookies (and used for NOTHING else)–my mom had a set and got me some, and they do make a nice cookie. Regular sheet pans are nice too, but these just seem to make a lighter cookie.

Cooling on the racks–I had several batches of cookies. Small, uniform shaped dough balls make regular-sized, uniform shaped cookies–remember that they spread out, especially with a lot of room-temperature butter in the recipe. I chilled the dough in between batches to keep the cookies from warming and spreading too much, a mistake I made last year with 17-61: Vanilla Chip Cookies.

All wrapped up and ready to be packed into gifts. 3 cookies each was a great amount, and relatively uniform-sized cookies made these little stacks a breeze. Overall, a great cookie recipe and correcting for mistakes of the past resulted in a successful experience this time. ?

Grade: A+

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