19-19: Root Vegetables I

I haven’t done a Cooking School entry in forever, so here’s 19-19: Root Vegetables I for your reading pleasure. You can expect 19-20: Root Vegetables II sometime in the near-to-distant future (EDIT: done, linked).

Wikipedia has a pretty extensive list of root vegetables, so if Simply Delicious doesn’t discuss what you’re looking for, they’ve got you covered. It’s a good time for root vegetables, so think about how you can incorporate some into your mealtime rotation if you’re interested.

This one covers carrots, parsnips, and beets. 19-20: Root Vegetables II covers radishes, daikon radishescelery rootturnips, rutabagashorseradish, and Jerusalem artichoke. I’ll link some recipes for this one below, and you can hop over to the other for those ones. Enjoy!

6-58: Chicken Pie with Puff Pastry


Did your parents ever tell you eating carrots would make you be able to see in the dark? Mine did, and it never worked no matter how many carrots I ate. Despite their lack of night-vision-granting capabilities, they’re still good for you, and there’s a bunch of recipes here that use carrots. I’ve selected a few for you below:

4-27: Mushroom-Parsnip Au Gratin


Think of a carrot crossed with a potato crossed with parsley, and you’ve got a parsnip. Here’s a few parsnip recipes for you to experiment with:

2-19: Country Bean Salad


I’m not a huge fan of beets (or “beetroot”, for those of you outside North America), and they were always a pass for me at the salad bar (back when we were allowed to have salad bars). But I DO like “The Beets“.