2-19: Country Bean Salad

I had intended on using the entry for 2-19: Country Bean Salad to make the tired joke about how no one likes bean salad or the person who brings it to a party. And to point out how it was always a skip for me at the salad bar (RIP salad bars/buffets, I will REALLY miss you).

But there’s got to be a reason why “bean salad” is still a thing. Someone must still like it, for it still to exist. And not just in an ironic hipster “I like it specifically because it’s uncool” way. Maybe the vegans? I eat mostly vegan, and it’s still a no-go for me.

Simply Delicious says that this particular variation of bean salad is “typically French”, but I can’t find too many references online that specifically corroborate that claim. I did find a fancy version of this dish done by one of the Top Chefs that might be worth looking at, if you’re interested in bringing this recipe into the 21st century.

Apparently it was part of a particularly infamous (red) wedding meal in Game of Thrones as well. I watched GoT, but the food on the table wasn’t exactly the focus of that scene, so I must have missed it.

Even if it’s been on TV, it’s still not that appetizing to me. But again: someone must be into this stuff, so if it’s you, read on.

The only thing I’m excited for here is the olives. The TIPS section mentions that you can add bacon or hot dogs to to it for a full meal–that feels more like bribing people to eat it than rounding out the dish.

Ingredients. I bought the beets already julienned to save myself a step and used onions I prepped for 2-16: Roast Beef Salad with Beans. Note that the recipe calls them “string beans”, but for the most part they’re referred to as “green beans” today.

I’ll be honest, I’m only making this to check the box that I “completed” it, so I’m not making the full four servings. Hence why this looks a little light (and why some of the beans are saved for another recipe).

Instead of boiling/slicing beets, I just opened a can and drained them.

This one on is on the left, 2-16: Roast Beef Salad with Beans on the right. Both were weird bean salads, so I made them simultaneously to knock them both out.

Dressed up fancy with onions, olives, and herbs.

Mixing up the dressing.

With dressing on top.

Final picture. I did not eat any of this, so I can’t tell you how it was. I think Adam may have had a bite, and I don’t recall him being impressed.

If you like bean salad, you might like this–but it’s not my bag.

Grade: D-