14-17: Pears with Mint Chocolate

In case you hadn’t had your fill of weird pear desserts with 15-41: Pear Halves with Chocolate Topping and 14-21: Pear Pandowdy, I have a third one for you: 14-17: Pears with Mint Chocolate. To add to the weirdness, even Food Network considers this a recipe.

It does look nice, but I don’t know about the taste claims. Is it the pear that they think makes this taste so good, or the mint chocolate/whipped cream/liqueur?

I used the pear cooking method from 15-41: Pear Halves with Chocolate Topping to cook the fruit for both this recipe and that one. I’d advise taking them up on the suggested cake addition–everything is better with cake.

Ingredients. I found the box of mints that they show on the card, and they look almost the same as they did 30+ years ago. They don’t list whipped cream in their ingredients and I don’t show it here, but they do show it on the card–I’d suggest adding that as well.

Peeled my pears.

Halved and cored them as well.

Mixing up the pear cooking liquid from the aforementioned 15-41: Pear Halves with Chocolate Topping--you can see the card for that one in the shot. The little yellow thing you see there is ginger.

Putting the mint squares on the liqueur-sprinkled pear halves.

Final picture, including a dollop of whipped cream and a walnut to garnish, just like theirs. I enjoyed all of the non-pear parts of the recipe, but I can’t say much for it as a whole.

I should have added the cake.

Grade: B-