15-41: Pear Halves with Chocolate Topping

I often wonder when I “evaluate” these recipes if I’m biased in my ratings/attitude towards them because of my own personal feelings about their contents. If I don’t personally like pears, does that unfairly impact my review of 15-41: Pear Halves with Chocolate Topping? Probably. Just a thought.

I’m not a huge pear fan, so if you haven’t figured it out by now, pear halves with weird chocolate bread topping wasn’t my jam. But if months of quarantine have you curious about weird desserts from the 80s, read on.

Typo in the title on this side, if you didn’t catch it initially (I didn’t).

I don’t have much else to say about this besides maybe that it’s quick and easy?

Ingredients. Readily-available non-dairy whipped cream is awesome–it was not fun to try to do it by hand before. I had pears from the CSA box, hence the whole reason for doing this recipe. Since these are fresh, I’ll have to use the instructions in the TIPS box above.

Peeled pears.

Cored and halved. The halves with the stems are going to be used for 14-17: Pears with Mint Chocolate, another weird Simply Delicious pear dessert recipe.

Making the poaching liquid for the pears. They don’t say that’s what you’re doing, but that’s essentially what you’re doing.

I’m doing both sets of pears now since I want to get this done with.

The grated rye bread + chocolate “topping”.

Slicing up the poached pear halves.

I tried making layers of pears and topping, but it’s still mostly all on top.

At least I can make it fancy with the whipped cream. Not my favorite, but if you have canned pears, rye bread, and chocolate laying around, you’ve got dessert.

Grade: C