19-20: Root Vegetables II

I recently published 19-19: Root Vegetables I, and promised its follow-up sometime in the future. Well, the future is NOW: here’s 19-20: Root Vegetables II.

For more root vegetable info and links to some recipes that use root vegetables, read on. Also, here’s some reading on Jain vegetarianism–did you know that they specifically don’t eat root vegetables? ?

This one covers radishes, daikon radishescelery rootturnips, rutabagashorseradish, and Jerusalem artichoke. 19-19: Root Vegetables I covers carrotsparsnips, and beets. I’ll link some recipes for this one below, and you can hop over to the other for those ones. Enjoy!

2-4: Chef’s Salad


Not a huge radish fan myself, but julienned many (like you see above) during my restaurant days for topping Cobb salads and pulled pork tacos. I also hear they’re good on bread with salt and butter?

11-14: Tempura

White, Black, Red, and Long Radishes

I don’t know what radishes they’re trying to describe above, but I think daikon radishes might be at least in the ballpark. Daikon is originally a Chinese winter radish used in Japanese and other Asian cuisines, and you can usually find it pickled (like in a bánh mì), stir-fried, or shaved thin for a salad.

9-39: Zesty Meat Casserole

Root Celery

They use “root celery” and “celery root” interchangeably, and I’ve heard it more as “celery root“, so that’s what I go with. According to Wikipedia, the true name is celeriac.

Even more root vegetables for you, but none of the most common ones like potatoes, onions, and garlic.

9-45: Country-Style Sausage Medley

Turnips and Rutabagas

No recipes yet with rutabagas, but we did use half of a turnip in 9-45: Country-Style Sausage Medley.

9-9: Pork Meat Loaf with Horseradish


Weirdly, I’ve always been a fan of horseradish–I spent a lot of time at Jewish delis and steakhouses growing up, and horseradish is found in abundance at both. There’s a few dishes listed here that feature horseradish as an ingredient, and even more not listed that benefit from it as a condiment.

Jerusalem Artichokes (Sunchokes)

I haven’t done any recipes here with Jerusalem artichokes (more commonly known as sunchokes these days) yet, but I’m definitely interested in trying to do more with them in my non-Simply Delicious cooking.

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