3-13: Velvety Carrot Soup

I think one of my favorite parts of old cookbooks is the adjectives they use to describe their dishes. I like to imagine a team of writers/cookbook jockeys staying late into the night, trying to dream up the perfect word to engage some adventurous cook into what would be an otherwise mundane-sounding recipe. How do you make carrot soup sound exciting?

That’s where “velvety” comes in. I present–3-13: Velvety Carrot Soup.

Oh, Simply Delicious. I admire you for trying to get me so excited about your carrot soup, that you put smiley face dollops of sour cream on your camera bowls.

When you have a LOT of carrots to get rid of and you’re looking for something velvetySimply Delicious has you covered.

I doubt my mom ever made this one–she made a lot of soups, but wasn’t a carrot fan. She did make a butternut squash soup one year that I gave her such hell for, I doubt she would have ever attempted anything similar again. I was a difficult child, at times.

The CSA boxes have runneth over with carrots lately, and it was getting a little ridiculous. Soup is always the easiest way to burn off a ton of veggies quickly, especially when they’ve been in the fridge a touch longer than you would have liked.

Ingredients. No major substitutions, other than maybe using a few more carrots than suggested and switching half-and-half for milk.

Chopping carrots. They were a bit fridge-scarred, but for soup, it’s all good.

Doesn’t need to be pretty or uniform–it’s all getting pulverized in the Vitamix.

Same goes for the onion–it just needs to be reasonable, not perfect. One of the great things about soup–it can be a really quick, easy thing to pull off.

Onion ready for the broth. I always go over a bit on onion, it cooks down anyway.

Before blending–it got close to the top. This is really hot–make sure you have a good grip on the top when it gets up to speed. I didn’t, and ended up with a nice surface burn on my wrist from when it came back at me.

After blending. I ❤️  the Vitamix. Food processor has its place, but for soups or anything where it needs to be smooth, you gotta go with the Mix.

With a hit of half-and-half, before I blended it the final time. It matches the wall pretty well there.

The final product. We packed this one up as soon as I finished it–soup tastes better the next day anyway, and it was intended for the week I was out of town. My husband neglected to put the smiley face dollop on it, but he says it was “pretty good”.

His grade: A-