4-34: Italian Roasted Vegetables

This one’s short and sweet. I’ve made 4-34: Italian Roasted Vegetables a few times before, once as part of a big dinner party I cooked for when I was about 13 (6-22: Crispy Chicken Drumsticks and 9-20: Meat Roly-Poly were part of that as well) and Thanksgiving 2000 based on my mother’s notations on the back of the card. I know I’ve used the concept multiple times in other instances, even if I wasn’t following this exact recipe.

This is more a method than a particular recipe–you can use pretty much whatever vegetables you want with this one. Now’s a perfect time for this recipe–farmer’s markets are open and there’s lots of good stuff out there to roast. ?

The method that this recipe outlines is pretty similar to the method they use in 4-21: Herb-Roasted Potatoes, another recipe from this group. Cover in olive oil, salt, and (optionally) herbs–roast at a high temperature. Don’t get me wrong–it’s an awesome, healthy option.


Ingredients. Our CSA box brought us some broccoli and asparagus, so that’s what we’re roasting this time around. Salt and olive oil round out the few items.


Since there’s not that much and it’s only for two of us, I’m using the toaster oven pan (but still wrapping it in foil. Tossed my veggies with oil & salt and put the pan in the preheated toaster oven.

That’s it.


Served my veggies with a slice of 9-20: Meat Roly-Poly in both an homage to a dinner past and because I still had some leftovers in my fridge from when I cooked it for this project.

A highly recommended method for cooking your veggies all year round. ?

Grade: A+