7-1: Pork Tenderloin with Mushrooms

Oh boy, another pork tenderloin recipe. This is the last of my Costco pack, but I’m going tomorrow, so who knows what I’ll come home with. 7-1: Pork Tenderloin with Mushrooms is the first card in Group 07: Pork, and a pretty straightforward recipe. Other pork tenderloin recipes I’ve covered so far include 7-27: Pork Tenderloin in Creamy Sauce, 7-34: Grilled Pork Slices with Garlic, and 7-36: Pork Tenderloin with Curry Sauce.

This recipe includes parsnips, a root vegetable related to carrots and parsley. Parsnips are usually winter vegetables, but I think you could probably still get away with it in mid-April.

Pan-fried pork slices are nothing new for Simply Delicious, and neither are creamy sauces with mushrooms. Don’t expect anything particularly revolutionary from this one, except maybe the parsnips.

Ingredients. Subbed in LF milk for whipping cream, but everything else is pretty much on point.

Peeled the parsnips with a peeler & ran them through the food processor with the slicer blade attachment (a mandoline would work too).

Measured out the milk.

Started sautéeing the mushrooms.

Egg yolk & wine (you can see the yolk if you look really closely).

Sliced up the tenderloin.

Blanching the parsnip slices.

Mushrooms getting some color to them.

Parsnips are just about done–ready to be drained.

Combined the mushrooms & milk.

Parsnips drained.

Tenderloin pressed & ready to coat.

Halfway there.

Mushroom stew coming together, slowly.

Golden & crispy.

Final plated dish–sauce was a little thin, but that’s what happens when you use 2% milk instead of whipping cream. Parsnips were okay, but nothing super exciting. It’s not a bad weeknight dinner, but it’s nothing extraordinary.

Grade: B