19-10: Dried Herbs and Spices I

Chapter 19 of Simply Delicious is Basic Ingredients, another big part of cooking and Cooking School. 19-10: Dried Herbs & Spices I is the first of a two-part series on a selection of spices that you’ll probably find in a well-stocked kitchen.

19-10 Dried Herbs and Spices I

For this entry, I’ll link to a recipe (or two, or three) that I’ve covered in this project that calls for that spice to illustrate an idea of how to use it (and maybe increased motivation to give one of these recipes a try).

19-10 Dried Herbs and Spices Ia

I included some pictures for you as well.

Black Pepper

White Pepper



Green & Rosé Pepper


Cayenne Pepper



Curry Powder


Want even more herbs, spices, recipes, & pictures? Read the second part right here: 19-11: Dried Herbs & Spices II!