2-21: Shrimp Salad

Summer 2020 has been quite the disappointment so far, and still being stuck at home is tough. If you’re looking for something to lift your spirits, 2-21: Shrimp Salad probably isn’t going to do it. However, if you close your eyes while you’re eating it, maybe you can pretend you’re on the beach instead of your couch.

This salad features not one but TWO cream-based dressings, so you know it’s fancy. I recently covered 2-5: Caribbean Seafood Salad which also features a shrimp-based salad. However, that one includes apples, bananas, and asparagus, so this one might be a safer choice.

This may be a fancy salad, but looking at the nutrition facts, I’m not sure it can be considered a healthy one. Low carb does not equal low calorie (in fact, it’s often the opposite).

Ingredients. I went with a bagged lettuce blend for my salad, and subbed in some thick Greek yogurt for the sour cream. Fresh chives would be better than freeze-dried, but you get what you get.

Mixing up sauce #1, the saffron sauce.

After mixing–it has a slight yellow tint from the saffron.

Now starting on sauce #2, the horseradish sauce.

Slicing up the hardboiled eggs with an egg slicer. These ones peeled horribly–sometimes the odds just aren’t in your favor.

Split the avocado–this one had a few brown spots in it, but is otherwise edible.

How to slice an avocado: scoop the half out with a spoon, put it pit-side down, and slice. To fan, push down and spread them out slightly.

As plated. It’s VERY 1980s, and really just feels like half of a Cobb salad, somewhat deconstructed. But hey–it’s definitely not hard to make, and may be a good option for a hot summer day…inside on the couch.

Wear your mask, stay distant, and be safe–I’ll be doing the same along with you.

Grade: B+