1-28: Picnic Tuna Sandwiches

Leave it to Simply Delicious to try to make tuna sandwiches sound fancy. 1-28: Picnic Tuna Sandwiches is a basic method for constructing a sandwich, using tuna fish, presumably for a picnic. It’s really all in the title.

I suppose you have to learn how to make tuna salad somehow–maybe you grow up with parents who don’t like it and you never learn. That’s not what happened in my case (my mother adores tuna salad), but I suppose it’s the case for some people, and so recipes like this must exist. Reminds me of this xkcd comic.

I doubt anyone would have made this version of tuna salad since we all seem to have our own (mine includes curry powder, paprika, and sweet pickle relish), but I’m always game for a new version of an old classic–that’s how you improve upon your own *perfect* recipe.

Ingredients. Because I can’t help myself, I’m adding in avocado and pepper jack cheese to my sandwiches. Shredded iceberg for regular, because it’s just easier and I prefer it for sandwiches (no big bites of weird lettuce stems). Tuna is in the thin pack on top of the cheese–these no-drain vacuum packs are way easier than cans.

Chopped my hard-boiled egg (see 5-12: Deviled Eggs for a good hard-boiling method if you need one) with my egg-slicer.

Chopped my pickle up (relish is SO much easier and virtually the same concept).

Mixed up the onion and pickle.

Added my no-drain tuna and chopped egg. Picture (in your mind) adding mustard and mayo, and all the rest, and mixing it up.

While my bread was toasting (in the toaster oven, and unbuttered), I got out my cheese and sliced my avocado.

Assembled my sandwich–cheese, tuna salad, avocado. Seemed to be the most sensical (in terms of texture and keeping ingredients stable and in the sandwich.

Since it was supposed to be a picnic sandwich, I compromised by placing the plate outside on my patio to take a final picture. I garnished it deli-style with a kalamata olive on a toothpick, but that was just to give it some style. The sandwich wasn’t bad, but I still think I like my own personal version better.

Grade: A-