9-24: Tangy Double Meat Patties

We’ve covered the fact that burger patties are a common recipe for using ground meat–9-25: Juicy Grilled Meat Patties, 9-44: Wok-Fried Beef Patties, and 9-31: Savory Turkey Patties are just a few of the methods outlined by Simply Delicious9-24: Tangy Double Meat Patties are another variation, this time with a flavorful filling of your choice.

Snappy is such a great adjective for describing food. I don’t think anything past about 1988 has been described as such, but if you dig into the 1950s-60s era of  cookbooks (of which I have a ton), it’s all over the place.

They mention in the little purple “Tips” box that you can substitute different fillings into this burger. Usually, I would follow the suggested recipe. However, I had some mushrooms I wanted to use up, so I decided to take some liberties.

Ingredients. I’m using ground beef instead of ground pork, because that’s what I have. For my filling, I chose shiitake mushrooms, anchovies, and minced garlic. I expect these to be much more savory than tangy.

Chopped my mushrooms–they’ll get even smaller when I sauté them, so I’ll leave them this size for now.

Chopped my anchovies as well–garlic was already minced.

Tossed a little parsley in there for color.

Mixed my meat up with the egg as the binder.

Easiest way to divide in 8: make a ball, flatten it, and cut it like a pizza. Another easy way: split it once, split those two pieces again, and then split those resulting 4 pieces one more time.

The trick to an evenly cooked burger is making them as flat as you can. Filling on top of each bottom patty, with about 1/2″ around for sealing them up.

Sealed patties, ready to be cooked.

I chose to make my patties on my electric griddle, instead of in the pan. This allows me to cook all 4 at once with plenty of room to move around, plus then I get to feel like a fry cook.

Patties after flipping. Flip your patties when the edges begin to cook (and you can see it), it’s the easiest way I’ve found to time it. Let them go a bit longer if you like your patties well-done.

Final burger, with a flourish of ketchup and mustard (for that authentic burger feel). These were pretty good–I definitely enjoyed my savory choice of filling. I’d be interested to try them again with the suggested filling to determine their tanginess.

Grade: A