1-31: Crab Cocktail

Feeling a bit of déjà vu? Maybe you’ve seen 1-31: Crab Cocktail before, or maybe you haven’t. I was doing some recent experimentation on the backend of my website, and long story short: I needed to do a rollback to an earlier version and this one got deleted. So I’m reposting/rewriting it again–however, you’ll miss whatever witty remarks I included with the first version.

I remember saying something about this being a good option for a meal instead of an appetizer (since there’s no parties allowed), and that you should picture yourself eating it near the coast with the breeze in your hair, since between COVID and wildfires, I don’t know if we’re ever getting to leave the house again.

This dish is reminiscent of a Crab Louie salad–think of it as a healthier/lower-calorie version of one.

Ingredients. I’m using a bagged salad mix instead of iceberg lettuce and cherry tomatoes instead of regular ones. I also went with some spicier options for my “chili sauce” and used prepared horseradish instead of fresh grated.

Mixing up the dressing, which is essentially cocktail sauce.

Prepping the avocado–the crab doesn’t require much work.

This was an “appetizer” portion–a meal portion would be much bigger.

Final plate, or in this case, bowl. I’m sure this entry was much better the first time around, but after 6+ years, I’m just trying to get them all done at this point. The salad was good, and I’d definitely eat it again.

Grade: A-