2-10: Spinach Salad

The card for 2-10: Spinach Salad is great because it has notes and reviews from the attempts of two other chefs I really admire, Jamie and her mother. From the date of the original note, I can deduce that Jamie’s mom made this recipe almost 25 years ago. She gives a succinct review, “Very Good, Very Easy.” Jamie’s equally positive review of her attempt at making this recipe 9 years back is encouraging. Making this salad for dinner one night after work is a super easy task and I agree with the previous reviews written on the card.

Simply Delicious helps you learn in so many different ways. Not only do I get a recipe for a salad, I get some history about the main ingredient: SPINACH!

Editor’s note: I made this as part of a “fancy dinner” in my first apartment, a year or two after college. I was so happy to have a kitchen and table to call my own, I invited some friends over, busted out a few Simply Delicious recipes, and threw a “fancy” dinner party, complete with table settings and after-dinner coffee. 

The TIPS Section delivers again with an easy to follow suggestion. It’s easy to keep spinach fresh when it comes pre-washed in a plastic bag, ready to open and use. The amount of processing and packaging technology we’ve developed to pack leafy greens is incredible.

The ingredients shot contains nice splashes of color and the last of the bacon in the house.

Spinach leaves are crispy and firm. The textured surface holds salad dressing very well. Now to prepare the mise en place for the salad toppings.

Slicing mushrooms is easy with the right knife.

Jamie took this chance to teach me a great technique for cutting radishes with an even matchstick cut. We prefer our radishes sliced thinly.

While the bacon is frying in the microwave, I quickly peel three hard boiled eggs. To practice cooking, I boiled up a batch the day before I made this salad.

The egg slicer makes slicing even pieces super easy. The bacon is all hand chopped with a sharp knife. I admit I cut the bacon too small, I’d leave larger pieces next time around.

Here’s the step where I toss the ingredients in the spinach before I whip up the salad dressing.

Sour cream, mayonnaise, and dijon mustard makes a simple salad dressing.

Voila! Salad dressing is done!

All the ingredients go in the bowl and it’s time to toss!

The final photo I took of this salad has an extra dollop of dressing on top. The creamy dressing goes well with the smoky bacon and hard boiled egg. The radish sticks and mushrooms adds some extra earthiness to the leafy spinach. This salad is simply delicious.