15-51: Frozen Strawberry Yogurt

15-51: Frozen Strawberry Yogurt: I really liked this cold concoction. I have never attempted a frozen desert before this. I’m glad to say this recipe was a great success. ?

This card describes the flavor like a certain presidential candidate I am loathe to quote, except it’s so quotable…it’s fantastic. ?

I was able to make this recipe without an ice cream maker using the method they describe. Lining the loaf pan with plastic wrap worked really well as you’ll see in the photos below.

Only 5 ingredients make up this wonderful frozen delight that was super easy to whip up.

After de-stemming and chopping the strawberries, I put them into the blender cup to create a strawberry purée. ?

It looks like I blended a small animal in there, but it’s all strawberry, I assure you.

Powdered sugar goes in the bowl along with one egg, ready to be beaten with a whisk. For some reason, I forgot the recipe asked for two eggs.

Next I whisked in the lactose-free yogurt. Yogurt doesn’t generally affect me, but I played it safe and got lactose-free just in case.

Adding the purée and vanilla extract into the bowl, I mixed it all together one final time.

The final mixture before going in the freezer looks like pink slime.

Putting plastic wrap into the loaf pan was not described on the recipe card, but I saw Figure 3 on the card which depicted this.

I poured it between two loaf pans to spread the mixture thin enough that it would freeze faster and smoother.

After a few minutes in the freezer, I pulled the loaf pan from the freezer and agitated the mixture to prevent big ice crystals from forming. This method worked really well. If you don’t bear down too hard, you can scrape the plastic wrap with a fork to make the mixture smooth.

Mmmmmm…delicious. Check out that silky concoction. With the added vanilla extract, this strawberry desert was rich and full of flavor. The powdered sugar added a sweet note to the plain yogurt. I ate all 6 servings of this dish by myself, not all at once. (It was so delicious, I could have eaten it all in one sitting. I had to be restrained.)