12-23: Tortellini with Broccoli

12-23: Tortellini with Broccoli is yet another Simply Delicious recipe where their idea of a cream sauce is pouring sour cream on top of something warm and stirring it in. When using lactose free sour cream, the sauce comes out too thick. It’s still chunky on top of the pasta. Maybe I need to cook it longer or stir it more, I will keep experimenting to find out. Onto…the recipe!

It had been a while since I ate tortellini and this recipe gives you an idea of how to make a sauce in a pinch. Simply Delicious has other recipes such as 6-2: Fiery Chicken Casserole where the method to make a quick cream sauce is to dump sour cream into the pot.

I didn’t have fresh tortellini available, so I cooked up the pasta we had stored in a decorative jar which happened to be tortellini.

The ingredients photo shows tomato bouillon, but I was advised that the tomato variety is not a substitution for vegetable bouillon.

(Editor’s note: The reason I suggested against it is that they are looking for the salty-umami-carrot-celery taste you’re going to get with vegetable–tomato is going to taste like, well…tomato. ?? )

One pot is heating up the chicken bouillon while the other pot is heating up water to blanch the broccoli.

The broccoli has been added to the pot and the chicken broth is boiling, I’m ready to add the pasta.

Tipping and shaking, my ears endure the clink-clink-splash of the tortellini as it falls from the decorative bottle, straight into the pot.

After the melting the butter in the pan, I cook the green onions until they were soft and fragrant.

The tortellini boils away to al-dente perfection.

Adding the sour cream into the pan, stir the veggies until a sauce forms.

Starting to assemble the final bowl according to the instructions. One serving of pasta and a heaping spoonful of cream sauce.

To top the dish off, some salt and pepper, followed by shredded cheese. I really enjoyed this meal, but I would have preferred a thinner sauce. Once I started adding the cheese, it got even thicker. The leftovers that were stored became congealed messes that melted in the microwave, so not the best dish for re-heating.