1-18: Club Sandwich

In honor of Presidents Day today, here’s a classic American dish: 1-18: Club Sandwich. Wikipedia claims the club sandwich (or “clubhouse sandwich”) originated in late 19th century New York. It’s not hard to find one these days, and while the Simply Delicious version is not quite restaurant-sized (usually they’re HUGE), it’s still a hearty lunch or dinner option. ??

1-18 Club Sandwich

I have no idea what’s going on with their picture or description of this sandwich–their picture only shows one layer (no middle bread) and the order of ingredients they describe above doesn’t match the recipe. I think I’m sticking with the recipe version.

1-18 Club Sandwich1

These ingredients are pretty close to the traditionally accepted ones (chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise), but Simply Delicious tosses the cooked chicken in a slightly spicy dressing reminiscent of Thousand Island instead of using just plain mayonnaise.


Ingredients. I used wheat bread instead of white (it’s what I had) and a 50/50 spinach salad mix as my lettuce. I cooked a bunch of chicken breasts off for a few different recipes I planned to make, and used one of those for this sandwich.


Chicken breasts marinated in olive oil, shallots, garlic, rosemary, and thyme for a few hours and then baked at 375ºF for about 20-30 minutes is an easy, flavorful, and versatile method.


Sliced the cooked, cooled chicken breast in wide, flat pieces perfect for layering on sandwiches. I should know–I did this multiple times everyday for a year when I worked in a restaurant a few years ago.


Combined the mayonnaise, ketchup and more than a few drops of Tabasco to make dressing for the chicken. What can I say–I like a little kick to my food. ?


Sliced chicken “marinates” while I prepare the rest of the sandwich components.


Simply Delicious suggests frying the bacon–I’m not interested in getting hit with hot bacon grease today, so we’ll go with the paper towel/microwave method instead.


Pushing the toaster oven to its maximum toast capacity. I hit these with a bit of spray oil just to give it an extra crunch when it comes back out.


Sliced the tomato I forgot to include in the original ingredients shot. I only sliced one, since I’m not a huge fan–hold the tomatoes for me. ?


Bread is toasted, tomatoes are sliced, bacon is cooked–time to start assembling. I spread half the chicken slices on the bottom layer of bread and put in the middle layer of bread that Simply Delicious leaves out of their picture.


Building the second layer–this one was for my husband, so he can get the tomatoes. Notice that every corner of the bread is filled–no one likes getting to the edges and having no ingredients. I take pride in even, consistent sandwich building.


Final sandwich, garnished with green olives and sliced pretty. I have to say, after almost 20 years in and out of the professional sandwich game–I’ve learned a thing or two. ?

Grade: A