17-51: Three Palms Quick Bread

17-51: Three Palms Quick Bread tastes delicious, but took forever to end up making, since I never seemed to have bananas, dates, and coconut all at the same time. ?

If you like banana bread, this is a really good take on that. Plus, 3 palms instead of 1! Such a deal! ?

I doubt my mom ever made this before, but I brought her a couple of slices after I made it, and she really liked it. Mom approved.

Ingredients. Didn’t have any plain yogurt, so I went with Greek black cherry. The amount was small and everything else was really flavorful, so it seemed to work out. Used butter instead of shortening, since I was out at the time.

Creaming butter (or shortening, if you’re following the directions closer than I was) is easier when you cut it up into pieces.

I suggest using the whisk attachment for this part, but MAKE SURE to switch back to the paddle attachment–if you use the whisk with dough/batter, you’re gonna have a bad time.

Pretty light and fluffy-looking.

Adding the eggs. You can see a good number of my kitchen scars on my hand–poor lefty takes the brunt most of the time.

After adding the egg–looking lighter and fluffier by the minute.

Sifting the dry ingredients. I’ll admit–a lot of times when I bake, I just throw everything in the mixer (with little regard to wet/dry/prescribed order) and let ‘er rip. For SCIENCE, I did it the proper way this time.

Mashing the banana. I don’t really enjoy banana, so this was challenging.

With my illegitimate yogurt addition. Don’t worry, it’ll still taste good later on.

With the banana added–it’s looking more like batter now.

From one palm now to three, with the dates and coconut added. I chopped my dates up, which was a good idea–I found a pit in one of them.

Filled up the pan–ready for the oven. I had something else going in the regular oven, so I put this in the toaster oven.

After it finished baking. Because it was in the toaster oven and I didn’t move the rack down to the bottom setting, it peaked a bit on the top and got a bit darker than I would have liked. I also had to pull it a bit early–closer to 45 minutes than an hour.

A cross-section. Despite the dark top, the inside was very soft and moist. Makes a great breakfast bread–my family sure enjoyed it.

Grade: A