4-4: Scalloped Parsley Potatoes

4-4: Scalloped Parsley Potatoes is the third of my recent 3-recipes-at-1-time attempt–the others being 4-2: Green Beans with Hazelnut Butter and 7-55: Sunday Pork Stew.

4-4 Scalloped Parsley Potatoes

I think I’ve made these before, despite the lack of notations. These were really easy and pretty good–very mild yet still flavorful.

4-4 Scalloped Parsley Potatoes1

Ok–it says scalloped potatoes, I’m of the mind that they should be served that way. Wedges seem like a cop out.


Ingredients. I used some White Avalanche potatoes we got from our CSA box, and in lieu of fresh parsley, some recently dried parsley from the garden. LF half-and-half subbed in place of milk.


Boiling water. How exciting.


Scalloped potatoes. I thought they had a neat look on the inside.


Prepping the sauce. I would have done it like a traditional roux if I did it again, I didn’t care for the method they use in this recipe.


Mixing in the dry parsley–it’ll liven back up in the sauce.


And…final plating. Like I said, I was doing 3 recipes at once (4-2: Green Beans with Hazelnut Butter and 7-55: Sunday Pork Stew), and there were less pictures than I would have liked in certain places. However, this is a pretty self-explanatory one, and you can put the pieces together. Out of the three dishes, I was probably most into this one, but I’m a sucker for potatoes.

Grade: A

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