4-4: Scalloped Parsley Potatoes

4-4: Scalloped Parsley Potatoes is the third of my recent 3-recipes-at-1-time attempt–the others being 4-2: Green Beans with Hazelnut Butter and 7-55: Sunday Pork Stew.

I think I’ve made these before, despite the lack of notations. These were really easy and pretty good–very mild yet still flavorful.

Ok–it says scalloped potatoes, I’m of the mind that they should be served that way. Wedges seem like a cop out.

Ingredients. I used some White Avalanche potatoes we got from our CSA box, and in lieu of fresh parsley, some recently dried parsley from the garden. LF half-and-half subbed in place of milk.

Boiling water. How exciting.

Scalloped potatoes. I thought they had a neat look on the inside.

Prepping the sauce. I would have done it like a traditional roux if I did it again, I didn’t care for the method they use in this recipe.

Mixing in the dry parsley–it’ll liven back up in the sauce.

And…final plating. Like I said, I was doing 3 recipes at once (4-2: Green Beans with Hazelnut Butter and 7-55: Sunday Pork Stew), and there were less pictures than I would have liked in certain places. However, this is a pretty self-explanatory one, and you can put the pieces together. Out of the three dishes, I was probably most into this one, but I’m a sucker for potatoes.

Grade: A