14-31: Coffee Nut Crêpes

Trying to sneak one in before the month of October completely passes me by. 14-31: Coffee Nut Crêpes is not the first crêpe recipe I’ve covered during this project, but it may be the last–believe it or not, I’m getting close to finishing a few of these sections. I made this dish back in May as part of my Mother’s Day brunch for 2018, since it seemed like a breakfasty-brunchy kind of treat.

You can find the other dishes I made for this year’s Mother’s Day tagged under MD2018–there’s also MD2017 if you’re interested in last year’s menu.

Yes, this is technically a dessert (according to Simply Delicious). But doesn’t brunch already cross a few boundaries just by definition? Plus, it was Mother’s Day–most restaurant brunches you’ll find on that day have a pretty extensive dessert section. I’m just contributing to authenticity.

I took Simply Delicious’ advice from the TIPS box and made this the day before brunch–that way all I had to do was reheat and serve. 

Ingredients. Subbed LF half-and-half for milk, and planned to omit the whipped cream topping for the lactose-sensitive diners. 

They don’t really give you instructions for the pecans, so here’s how I did it: I started by chopping up the pecans in the food processor–a few pulses is all it takes. 

I then spread the chopped nuts on a 1/4 sheet pan and roasted them in a 350ºF oven for about 5-8 minutes. You’ll know they’re done when you can smell them. This is how we did pistachios, walnuts, and other assorted nuts throughout my restaurant tenure. 

Using the same food processor to make the crêpe batter–no need to dirty a blender along with everything else. 

Crêpe batter on the left, crêpe filling on the right. 

First crêpe on the griddle. I like to use the electric griddle for things like this–gives you lots of room to work with (and for error). 

Ended up with 8 serviceable crêpes, which is what the recipe calls for. So far, so good. 

Greased my pan (in this case, a large Pyrex storage container) and started filling and rolling crêpes. 

All eight crêpes, snug as bugs in a rug. At this point, I put the lid on and stored them in the fridge. Fast forward to the morning of the brunch…

Once I pulled these out from the fridge, I let them sit out for a bit to come up to room temperature. When I was ready to bake them, I dotted them with butter (my dots were a bit large) and more topping/nuts before sticking them in the oven. 

After baking–they don’t look that much different, maybe a bit crispier. Some chose to top with maple syrup, others with the prescribed Kahlúa-flavored whipped cream. 

I have to admit that I did not do the flambé portion of this recipe–let’s chalk it up to fire safety. ??

Didn’t get too many other pictures of it–we were too busy enjoying the brunch. They were tasty though–that I can tell you. 

Grade: A