15-2: Chocolate Mousse

Since it’s currently summer, I’ve been experimenting more with the Cold Desserts section of Simply Delicious. Come fall & winter, we’ll get back to more of the Hot Desserts15-2: Chocolate Mousse is not the first mousse I’ve attempted (check out 15-1: Lemon Mousse for a citrusy variation), but it is a pretty solid chocolate mousse recipe–these are great for entertaining, or even making in individual servings and freezing for later. ?

As noted above on the card, chocolate mousse is a classic and popular dessert. There are a variety of ways to approach it, as explained in this Serious Eats feature on the dish, but Simply Delicious’ version is super easy–5 ingredients are all you need. ?

This particular mousse recipe uses egg yolks as the stabilizer (like in ice cream). Other mousse recipes will use stabilizers like gelatin or agar agar–it all depends on the recipe you’re following, the ingredients you’re working with, and the dietary preferences of the people eating it.

Ingredients. I chose to use ramekins as my portion dishes, but you could use goblets, bowls, glasses, or make mini tart shells (shortbread dough works well for this) ahead of time and pour the mousse into those after they’ve baked & cooled to set.

I only had chocolate chips on hand for this recipe, but it could be fun to make it with one of those fancy chocolate bars that have chili pepper or sea salt in them another time. ?

If you don’t have a double boiler, you can jury-rig one out of a bigger pot with some water and a smaller pot inside of that one with the chocolate. The “Tips” section mentions not letting the water boil so that you don’t scorch your chocolate–it’s probably a good point to remember.

Separated my 3 eggs–I suppose I could make these leftover whites into some meringue?

Chocolate is pretty much melted by the time the first bubbles start forming in the bottom water pot. Mixed in the sugar, coffee, & egg yolks.

Whipped the cream with the stand mixer & whisk attachment.

Folded the whipped cream into the somewhat cooled chocolate mixture. Doing this gently is the key–a good mousse is airy and light.

Stirred the mixture gently with a whisk to finish incorporating the two components and to keep it airy.

Filled the four ramekins and wrapped each with plastic wrap (not shown). I tossed them all in the fridge, and actually brought them with to a dinner with my parents. You could freeze these and pull them out individually as well, for a solo treat. As chocolate mousse goes, this one’s easy and good–what more do you need?

Grade: A