17-45: Light Coffee Rolls

17-45: Light Coffee Rolls were made as part of a gift box for a family friend. These coffee rolls can hardly be described as “light” in my opinion. The batch I made came out rather heavy, but buttery and delicious. ?

The rolls were best served fresh from the oven, upon cooling, the rolls got heavier and less airy.

After my experiences with yeast in previous Simply Delicious recipes, I thought it would be easier to complete this recipe.

The ingredients shot contain the basics for most pastries: eggs, butter, sugar, milk, yeast and salt.

Yeast added to warm milk will create some lift and flavor for these rolls.

Mixed up some eggs and poured them in.

Here’s a blurry photo of the dough ball created by adding flour to the mixture.

After the rising time, the ball got bigger. It held the impression of my finger, so I could tell the dough was ready.

To create the topping, I had to hand chop the almonds. I only had whole almonds in the house.

Here’s the last shot of the rolls before they baked in the oven. I forgot to take a shot of the pan in progress before I brushed the rolls with the egg wash.

Golden brown and delicious coffee rolls are the best.

Served with butter and jam while warm, these coffee rolls cannot be beat. Served cold, they are a bread-y hockey puck that isn’t as savory or delicious.