1-22: Onion-Potato Diamonds

Finally, an appetizer from the first section of the book. Another story for you: in my first apartment after I graduated college and moved back home to LA, I threw an 80s Valentine’s Day party, and 1-22: Onion-Potato Diamonds were one of the appetizers I made for it–another was 5-20: Golden Cheese Tartlettes.

Look at them. Something about them just screams 1980s cocktail party to me. This time around, I made them to take to a get-together I was attending, along with 17-36: Grandma’s Spice Cake. Both ended up being big hits.

Dunno if my mom ever made these, but as I said before the jump, I made them about 7-8 years ago for an 80s party I held. I served them alongside Tab soda and Bartles & Jaymes wine coolers for that ultimate 80s experience. For funsies, here’s one of the only (blurry) pictures I have of that night. Proof that selfies have been around for a while–this was about 10 years ago now.

Somewhere on that table behind me and my friend Michael is a past incarnation of these and 5-20: Golden Cheese Tartlettes. Alright. Back to the future.

Ingredients. Subbed out canned tomatoes for fresh, and used a “Strawbanero” chili sauce as my hot sauce (they were probably intending for you to use Tabasco).

TWELVE eggs and some of that chili sauce.

Make sure you spray BOTH sides of the paper–I only did the bottom, and it made it tougher to get that paper off the egg later on.

First layer of eggs in the oven. I should have beat those eggs a bit more–leaving it less mixed created big white spots in it later on. Still tasted good, but not as uniform as I would have liked.

Chopped green onions.

Into the skillet.

First layer out of the oven. See those white spots I was talking about?

After cooking in the skillet. I cooked them a bit longer than the prescribed two minutes–I like to get the edges a bit brown.

Layered on top of the cooked egg layer.

Poured in the remainder of the uncooked egg on top.

After baking a second time. Here’s where I messed up again–you’re supposed to pop it out at this point and flip it over. I did not do that. The problem with that was it makes it much tougher to get it out later.

Tomatoes and cheese layered on top (on the wrong side–should have been flipped out and put on a sheet pan, not cooked in the casserole dish.

Finished product. I don’t have a shot of the individual diamonds, since it ended up being taken to a party. Imagine this picture, and cut it up into pieces. That’s about how it looked.

Ladies loved it, and while I think it’s a bit bland, it’s a good dish for less-adventurous crowds.

Grade: B+