4-10: Spinach-Mushroom Ring

4-10: Spinach-Mushroom Ring claims to be perfect for a ladies’ luncheon…this light and fluffy egg and mushroom stew dish is yet another dish that I wouldn’t generally make for myself. I ate one of these rings and threw the rest out, and if you know anything about me, that’s something I rarely do.

This dish is described as luscious and from the most accepted and common definition, it can described as richly luxurious or appealing to the senses. The combined flavors of the mushroom sauce and spinach omelette could be described as rich and creamy, but that still doesn’t mean it was a tasty dish.

The recipe shows the dish as a large ring with the stew served in the center hole. I made the dish as individual spinach tarts and cut rings out of the middle to pour the mushroom stew in the middle.

I wanted to try a different substitution for heavy cream, so I used milk and tzatziki in the scrambled egg portion.

Time to get started! My chopping level is around 7 or 8 at the moment and I get better all the time.

We only had frozen spinach on hand so I left it all in a colander to drain while the onions were cooking.

When the onions were almost done, I tossed the spinach into the sauté pan to heat up the spinach while giving it some color and flavor.

This step confused me, but I followed the directions anyway. I boiled the milk/tzatziki mixture and then let it cool.

I love this style of whisk. It is perfect for scrambling the eggs.

I’m adding the formerly boiling hot, now cooled milk mixture into the eggs to create the rich base for the egg rings.

I cooled the spinach so everything is at the same temperature when it all gets mixed together in the bowl.

I poured the mixture into individual tart molds and put them into the oven.

The eggs come out light and fluffy after 30 minutes in the oven. Time to make some mushroom stew.

Step one, gather the mushrooms and pour some milk to take the place of the half and half. I had some previously sautéed mushrooms leftover from a previous recipe and I cut some fresh baby bella mushrooms to fill our the mushroom stew.

Sometimes I am amazed with how much the color of the mushrooms will change while they are cooking.

All I added was a little butter and sugar and after 15 minutes on the heat, the mushrooms have completely changed color and texture. The deep golden color shows that the mushrooms are full of rich butter flavor. When the fresh mushrooms were cooked, I added the other sautéed mushrooms that I had on hand, the darker mushrooms in the center.

The final step! Pour in the milk and let the sauce thicken. The sauce will turn a deep, rich brown. It’s time to combine the two halves into one luscious whole. I made my servings as individual portions to make it easier to dish and store for later (even though I threw it all out).

I used a cookie cutter and removed the inner ring of the spinach and egg ring. With some mushroom stew poured in the middle, it looks more than edible. The eggs were a little under seasoned for my taste. The mushroom stew saved this serving of the dish for me and helped me enjoy it, but I tossed the rest of the egg rings and stew after I ate the camera portion. It just wasn’t a style of dish I tend to enjoy, but I made the best of it.