4-8: Roasted Peppers with Dressing

Making 4-8: Roasted Peppers with Dressing arose more out of a need to use up peppers more so than a desire to eat the recipe itself. However, that being said–it wasn’t terrible.

4-8 Roasted Peppers with Dressing

The recipe card uses multi-colored peppers, and I used monochromatic ones. While the taste doesn’t vary much, the more colors you use, the more visually appealing it may be.

4-8 Roasted Peppers with Dressing1

My mom hated peppers (which I’ve mentioned numerous times), so she probably wouldn’t have made this one.


Ingredients. Not a lot to it.


Peppers go in. I like to roast them over a flame of a gas stove, but all I have is a janky old electric coil stove right now. So in the broiler (fingers crossed) they go.


After they come out. Good, but not great. The flame gives it such a better char.


In the colander to rinse them–this shocks the pepper so it retracts from the skin, making it easier to peel off.


Sliced up peppers and rinsed them off in an old colander–one of the few pieces to survive multiple states/apartments/living situations over the last 10 years. And it wasn’t even initially mine-–I stole it from my college best friend out of his kitchen stash. He made off with a few of my kitchen things as well, so we’ll consider it even.


Mixing up the peppers in a small bowl with a big lemon. Weird perspective there, huh?


Final shot. I served this with 7-50: Parma Schnitzel. Wasn’t terrible, but I’m not a fan of eating peppers just on their own.

Grade: C