15-7: Banana Split

Y’all, we have been locked inside for over a year at this point, so it was only a matter of time before the recipes that looked silly to me before now started looking like a good time. What better time to enjoy 15-7: Banana Split than when the only “safe” entertainment you can get these days is picking up ingredients for it while wearing two masks at the grocery store?

Nope, that’s not a cat hair on your screen–it was on my scanner when I scanned the card. Stop trying to get it off.

In case you are unfamiliar with the very American concept of a banana split, here’s Wikipedia’s rundown on it.

Never got that cat hair off the scanner, apparently.

The only real cooking/recipe for this is the chocolate sauce they mention in the TIPS–otherwise it’s mostly buy + assemble = eat.

Ingredients. I went with the buy + assemble approach, but I will do a slight bit of work and toast the walnuts. This is going to be a lactose-free version, since we now possess the technology to make such things happen. It could have easily been dairy-free as well–there’s SO many dairy-free ice cream and dessert options out there now.

Don’t let your dreams be dreams. Go make that crazy dessert that you haven’t had in forever happen.

Step 1 of banana split assembly: split the banana.

Step 2 gets skipped because I’m using the stuff from a can. I also don’t like putting the chocolate sauce on top of the cream, so we’ll save all the cream-related activity until the end.

Step 3: scoop ice cream. I even have a REAL scoop with which to do it.

Step 4: add chocolate sauce. I never was a great drizzler.

Also step 4: take blurry pictures of adding toasted walnuts.

Whipped cream gets added at the end because I think it looks better. Go back to their picture–they put their cream on at the end too (despite their instructions) for the same reason.

Step 5 is the cherry on top (literally).

Final result: I can now check “made my own banana split” off the list of things to do in life, I guess.

Grade: A