16-49: Chocolate-Glazed Raspberry Tart

I had a goal to finish all the ones I cooked in 2019 by the end of 2020…not sure if I’ll meet that goal (EDIT: I did!), but here’s one more from last year: 16-49: Chocolate-Glazed Raspberry Tart. Not only is this from last Thanksgiving (along with 6-42: Turkey Pot Roast and 17-15: Cream Puffs), but I also made a version of it as part of a fancy Christmas dinner 12 years ago (XMAS 08) as well. Since today is Christmas Eve, I think it’s a good day to tell you about it.

When I made this back in ’08, I made 6 individual tarts instead of one big one–I was afraid it would look weird once I cut it, so I thought individual servings would look better. I had been watching a LOT of Top Chef at that point (and still do, but that’s the ONLY cooking show I’ll watch).

Since I had a few of the same guests attending as that Christmas dinner back in ’08 (and the same number), I decided to make the same modification this time. Usually I will reverse modifications when I recook recipes I’ve already done to try to honor the “original” recipe, but this time I decided to stick with it.

Nothing too difficult, their tip about using the parchment to move the dough is probably a good one.

This is how I plan big meals–write out all the dishes onto slips of paper and pull the actual plates/serving bowls that each dish will use. I did this for TGV 2016 as well, you can see that year’s version on 4-27: Mushroom-Parsnip Au Gratin. I’m big on visualization, it’s part of being a former teacher.

Here’s a breakdown of what the codes/colors mean:

  • Purple numbers in the top corner: Course (1 = App, 2 = Main, 3 = Dessert)
  • Magenta sideways writing on right: when I needed to cook/fire the dish (that’s how they’re sorted)
  • Brown small writing on bottom: extra prep that the dish needs
  • Red vs. Green Name: Vegetarian = green, has meat = red
  • Orange SD: Simply Delicious recipe
  • Turquoise “Mom”: my mom was responsible for that dish
  • Blue “FZN”: Frozen, needs to be defrosted first

Ingredients. I’m using non-dairy whip for the whipped cream but real butter. It’s all very confusing.

Butter in the food processor to make the dough.

When it sticks together, it’s ready.

Wrapped it up in plastic wrap as directed and stuck it in the fridge.

While the dough chills, my helper and I set the table.

I made rounds, but I didn’t really roll them out–this was more of a freeform exercise.

They really just look like big sugar cookies at this point–they mostly tasted like that as well. Definitely did not come out the way I thought, and I don’t exactly remember how they came out 12 years ago either.

Setting up the chocolate and “double boiler”.

Nicely melted, despite what looks like hot heat below.

Glazing the tarts–remember, there has to be 12 to make 6 2-layer tarts.

A dollop of non-dairy whip for each. This stuff doesn’t hold together for very long, so I’m going to have to work fast and then figure out a way to hold these until after dinner.

I’ll use my chest freezer (SUPER handy, I love this thing) to “flash-freeze” them and then pull them back out when it’s time to serve. You can see the cream is already starting to slide.

After extracting from the freezer and adding the last few berries. The stay in the freezer made them a bit too tough–if I did it again, I’d hold off on the cream until I was ready to serve and hold the tarts in the fridge instead.

Final picture–they weren’t bad, but they could have been much better. Oh well. Happy holidays! ??

Grade: A-