6-42: Turkey Pot Roast

Looking for a smaller Thanksgiving option this year than the traditional 6-29: Stuffed Turkey? Here’s part of what I made for last year’s meal–6-42: Turkey Pot Roast. If you’re cooking for less people this year (or any year) and still want something Thanksgiving-ish, this might be a good option.

I didn’t want to make a full turkey for only two meat eaters (me not being one of those two), so I combined this recipe along with some additional leg and thigh pieces into enough turkey to complete the holiday without having to make more than we needed.

This is also MUCH easier to do than a full turkey, especially if you’ve never attempted one of those before and don’t want 2020 to be your first run at it. 6-9: Orange-Glazed Turkey Breast is another “smaller” turkey option if you’re just looking for a taste of turkey instead of a glut of it.

I told you this was easy–chop veggies, toss into pot with turkey breast, cover, cook, slice, eat. It’s a whole meal in the pot (when you use the potatoes*), which means less money and less clean-up as well. This can also be made on top of the stove if that’s easier.

*I skipped using the potatoes since I was already making the traditional mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving.

Ingredients. I’m adding some extra celery I have, because why not. Turkey roasts are plentiful around Thanksgiving, but I think you can find boneless turkey breasts pretty much all year round. If you want to add some dark meat like I did, you can usually find grocery-store-butcher wrapped pieces nearby.

Mix and match as you like–only like drumsticks? Then just get those! It’s a choose-your-own-adventure turkey. You can even mix and match preps–the breast was made with this method, but I used a buttermilk-brine method for the legs and thighs (not shown).

I also did not want to wrestle a whole turkey when I don’t even eat real meat anymore–I have to admit: I’m not going to be eating any of this. I haven’t even cooked real meat in a while, so this will be interesting.

Tossing in the extra (filler) celery. Since I skipped the potatoes (explained above), I thought the celery would fill out the rest of the pot and add some extra moisture–no one likes a dry turkey.

Turkey breast on top of the chopped veggies. Sorry for the lack of pictures–cooking Thanksgiving (especially in a new kitchen) is always a BUSY experience.

Turkey breast after cooking. I strained the veggies and broth, but I don’t think I used them for anything. I wanted it to get a little more color to it, so I tossed the breast in the oven with the other turkey pieces for a bit and let it brown/crisp a bit more before slicing.

Final spread–our Tofurky (not recommended) in the foreground and the real turkey in the background. The buttermilk-brined dark meat is in the foreground of the meat platter, and this dish can be seen sliced closest to the top of the picture, near the gravy.

Not pictured: the two desserts I made for this year’s Thanksgiving as well – 16-49: Chocolate-Glazed Raspberry Tart and 17-15: Cream Puffs.

Bonus picture of my appetizer foccacia breads–this recipe courtesy of Flour Salt Water Yeast.

I heard this recipe was delicious as well, so I’m giving it a thumbs up on their behalf. Happy Thanksgiving, however you end up celebrating!

Grade: A*