6-39: Chicken Pot Stickers

6-39: Chicken Pot Stickers are another case of a food that I “can” make, but would choose not to after seeing all of the mess and work involved.

“Steamed, stuffed dumplings” sound delicious. Mine came out a little more fried than steamed, still delicious.

Yet another TIPS section with solid advice. If I should attempt this recipe again, I am preparing all of the pot stickers in advance before cooking. This seems to be a common problem I encounter. Mostly it is because I’m cooking dinner and not thinking about how this batch is larger than just for the two people I am planning to serve. Most of these recipes make a lot of servings, especially the appetizer recipes.

A lot of ingredients for such small little dumplings. Being packed full of ingredients is what packs the pot stickers full of flavor.

I didn’t read to chop up the shrimp into smaller pieces, something which would have helped later on. Cornstarch, ginger, water chestnut, onion, and ground turkey are all in the bowl and mixed with the shrimps into the pot sticker filling.

The filling all mixed up and ready for stuffing into the wraps.

So I had plenty of space to cook the pot stickers, I set up two pans on burners and heated the oil.

My first batch after a few minutes on the heat. At this point, I’m ready to put on the lid to start steaming the pot stickers.

The first batch came out with lots of battle damage and not very dark, at least compared to the color I got on the next batch.

The difference from the first batch is extreme. Here’s the next batch coming out of the other pan. I followed the directions better with this batch. Jamie has taught me many times that the first batch will not be as good as the second because you learn from your mistakes.

Here’s the final product, served with some dipping sauce. Again, I love pot stickers, but I would never cook them again unless I’m planning a huge party and want something tasty to serve to my guests. I wouldn’t go through the hassle of preparing these again for just the two of us.