2-6: Greek Salad

My options for cooking have been limited lately, so I’ve been gravitating towards simpler recipes in order to keep it manageable, yet active. You really can’t get much simpler than 2-6: Greek Salad.

This is a great recipe for summer–most of the ingredients are in season and it’s super light. We made it for dinner instead of lunch as suggested, but I’m sure the folks at Simply Delicious won’t mind.

Pretty sure my mom never made this, even though she does enjoy a good Greek salad. Probably because it doesn’t include lettuce (which threw my husband for a loop–Salad? Without lettuce?).

Ingredients. Only notable thing is that I used balsamic vinegar, not white vinegar. Depends on what you’re going for, I suppose–I prefer the balsamic, but my husband said he would have probably preferred the white.

The tomatoes were a bit aged–they didn’t slice as well as I’d hoped. Therefore, they ended up being wedges.

Pepper sliced up nice though. 🙂    *shows off nicely cut pepper*

Onion wasn’t terrible either.

And finally, the cucumber.

You can see the balsamic gives it a darker tone than using white vinegar–if you want it all to stay bright and crisp-looking (especially the onion), you may want to go with a lighter vinegar. White wine vinegar or white balsamic could be solutions too.

Final product, with a terrible glare in the background. ಠ_ಠ

Overall, a good Greek salad, although I personally prefer a chopped salad with these type of ingredients. If I did it again, I’d do it all chopped up in small, uniform pieces.

Grade: A-