9-31: Savory Turkey Patties

I mentioned in 4-17: Crispy Potato Pancakes that our travels had taken us elsewhere. I’m cooking in a different kitchen these days–one that is not my own–which presents its own set of challenges.

However, the beauty of this project is that as long as I have my laptop and internet access, I can just keep going. And so I will. 🙂

Our current hosts have been participating in some of my entry recipes, including this one: 9-31: Savory Turkey Patties. This was prepared and cooked in tandem with the recipe I posted after this one, 9-25: Juicy Grilled Meat Patties.

I don’t know if my mom ever cooked this one–I’m going to guess no, even though it would have been one for her–she’s a turkey burger aficionado.

Ingredients. Target does not have a good meat selection, so the only ground turkey I could get was already in patty form. I deconstructed them only to reconstruct them again–like a turkey Frankenstein.

Added in the other stuff, looked normal so far.

Here’s the half-and-half (not pictured in the ingredients shot). Since the patty meat came from already-made patties, I didn’t bust out the food processor for this one.

Just good old-fashioned spoon and bowl.

Here they are, re-pattified. Definitely thicker and spice-ier than they were before (more spices, not necessarily pepper-spicy).

On the grill, along with 9-25: Juicy Grilled Meat Patties. Grilling courtesy of my hosts. 🙂 The turkey patty is the one farthest on the left, in its own column, the other 4 were the pork patties–we only cooked up one of the turkey ones. The other 3 are chilling in the freezer, for another day.

Final shot, with some cheese on top. The turkey one is (I believe) the one in the very foreground of the shot (not the one with alternate cheese patterns on the right, as you would think).

I personally didn’t get to taste this one, but the person who did said that it was bland for their tastes. However, that’s how most turkey burgers tend to turn out, so take that for what it’s worth. It also started out with pre-made turkey patties (and I’m not a huge fan of that brand anyway), so consider this one a bit skewed.

Grade: B-