9-25: Juicy Grilled Meat Patties

This recipe was cooked in tandem with an earlier recipe, 9-31: Savory Turkey Patties. We had some different dietary preferences in our dining group that evening, so I used the opportunity to knock out two recipes at once. 🍔

9-25 Juicy Grilled Meat Patties

I think it’s interesting that they refer to the burgers as “meat patties” and not “pork” patties or burgers. Just a thought.

9-25 Juicy Grilled Meat Patties1

As has been said before–pork was usually a non-entity in our house growing up. It always surprises me when I find pork recipes in the book that she DID cook (yes, there are some).

9-31: Savory Turkey Patties

Ingredients. I wish I had gone with fresh thyme (which they mention in the side notes/tips) instead of old dried parsley for this one–we had some down in the garden. I had ground beef I was going to combine with the pork, but I ended up not doing it at the last minute.

Oh, and the obvious–I got ground pork instead of grinding it myself. I had limited options at the Target where I picked this stuff up–I was surprised they had it at all.

9-25: Juicy Grilled Meat Patties

Even though the pork was already ground, I decided to use the processor to mix it more thoroughly.

9-25: Juicy Grilled Meat Patties

Always chopping onion.

9-25: Juicy Grilled Meat Patties

At least the processor is doing most of the hard work. I had a problem with the turkey patties in 9-31: Savory Turkey Patties and the patties here being too liquidy once I added in the recommended amounts. I ended up trying to salvage them with more bread crumbs, but I’d suggest adding the liquid slowly–you may need less than you think.

9-25: Juicy Grilled Meat Patties

Pork patties, ready for the grill. To see how these turned out, read through 9-31: Savory Turkey Patties and check out the end. Or, you know, the whole thing. 🙂

These ended up pretty good–the three of us who ate them enjoyed them. They were definitely very juicy.

Grade: A-

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