9-25: Juicy Grilled Meat Patties

This recipe was cooked in tandem with an earlier recipe, 9-31: Savory Turkey Patties. We had some different dietary preferences in our dining group that evening, so I used the opportunity to knock out two recipes at once. ?

I think it’s interesting that they refer to the burgers as “meat patties” and not “pork” patties or burgers. Just a thought.

As has been said before–pork was usually a non-entity in our house growing up. It always surprises me when I find pork recipes in the book that she DID cook (yes, there are some).

Ingredients. I wish I had gone with fresh thyme (which they mention in the side notes/tips) instead of old dried parsley for this one–we had some down in the garden. I had ground beef I was going to combine with the pork, but I ended up not doing it at the last minute.

Oh, and the obvious–I got ground pork instead of grinding it myself. I had limited options at the Target where I picked this stuff up–I was surprised they had it at all.

Even though the pork was already ground, I decided to use the processor to mix it more thoroughly.

Always chopping onion.

At least the processor is doing most of the hard work. I had a problem with the turkey patties in 9-31: Savory Turkey Patties and the patties here being too liquidy once I added in the recommended amounts. I ended up trying to salvage them with more bread crumbs, but I’d suggest adding the liquid slowly–you may need less than you think.

Pork patties, ready for the grill. To see how these turned out, read through 9-31: Savory Turkey Patties and check out the end. Or, you know, the whole thing. 🙂

These ended up pretty good–the three of us who ate them enjoyed them. They were definitely very juicy.

Grade: A-