5-31: Oven Pizza Pancake

Cooking a pizza on a pancake dough creates a very kooky, weird pizza experience. 5-31: Oven Pizza Pancake is not your usual pizza–this soft-crusted abomination is another dish created when the Simply Delicious editors decided to have one too many beers at the office.

The beer in the background of this image should have been my first clue that this was a strange dish.

Editor’s note: I used this recipe for when I taught cooking in an after-school program for K-8 kids a few years ago–I didn’t have the time or resources to make a traditional rising dough using yeast on that particular site, so this method provided me a somewhat valid shortcut.

Despite their assertion of “Easy”, I had a few missteps along the way while making this dish.

I had really old anchovies and the remnants of a package of salami that was purchased specifically for this recipe. Luckily,  I got this recipe made before we ate all of the salami. ? Jamie’s cat, Jamie, and I all love salami, so it goes fast.

The starting of a pancake batter, adding milk to beaten eggs in the bowl.

Here’s a photo of my first batch where I forgot to add salt.

Notice how I’m pouring the batter into a round pan? After I poured about half the batter, I realized I didn’t add salt.

Crack more eggs and start again, right?

The second batch was poured into a square pan after I saw that I would have overfilled the circle pan that I used earlier. The crust has to be baked for 25 minutes until the surface is set and golden colored.

First, I added the tomatoes and the salami against my better judgement. Jamie usually does a layer of cheese before adding the sauce and toppings because it helps the layers fuse together.

Next, I added the anchovies and the herbs and spices.

Finally, a layer of cheese and the pan goes into the oven to bake.

Melted cheese…delicious!

The soft crust made it difficult for this dish to hold itself together. Bonus points for the mint garnish in this photo, despite mint having no relevance to the dish. It’s all a learning experience!