8-39: Tournedos with Blue Cheese Sauce

Back again with another beef-but-not-beef recipe for you–today’s is yet another one that’s been sitting in my queue for quite a while, 8-39: Tournedos with Blue Cheese Sauce. This one is pretty indulgent, whether you use “real” ingredients or not. With the price of everything these days, save this one for a special occasion.

Tournedos are slices taken from the smaller end of a tenderloin (essentially a filet mignon) and are typically paired with something fatty/rich (like bacon, foie gras, cream sauce) due to their leanness.

Very steakhouse-esque. This one goes fast, so plan for your other side dishes accordingly.

Ingredients. It’s an odd blend of vegan, lactose-free, and lactose-filled. I can’t explain it.

These are homemade vegan steaks (seitan recipe and method is The Gentle Chef) that I’m cleaning out from the freezer. They can have a pocket sliced in them just like real steaks.

Real blue cheese, fake meat. It’s a conundrum.

Toothpicks to seal, as instructed.

Doesn’t look that bad. The lines aren’t from a grill, they’re from when I originally made/formed the steaks. But they kind of look like grill lines, which is helpful.

Tossed in the sour cream to start making the sauce.

Mixing in the blue cheese and the soy sauce.

Almost smooth.

Plated the steaks.

What I didn’t show you (but referenced near the beginning) was that I had already planned/started my side dishes by the time this recipe got going. For this steakhouse-like meal, I had to do some appropriate sides–roasted potatoes (Kenji potatoes) and steamed asparagus.

All that’s missing is the titular blue cheese sauce.

Final plate. Looks worthy of a steakhouse to me, even if that steak isn’t quite real.

Grade: A