1-23: Pita Pockets

Today, I have the last unmade Group 01 recipe in my possession to share with you today, 1-23: Pita Pockets. They’re essentially sandwiches with two sorts of filling, both very 1980s/”light”.

One of my favorite restaurants is called Pita Pockets–I’ve been going there since I was in high school (over 20 years…eeek) and it’s one of the places I try to stop at when I find myself back in Southern California. Their pita sandwiches are very different from what we’ve got here today (and theirs are WAY better).

I remember pitas being a big deal in the 1980s-1990s, so it’s not surprising that they were included in this recipe collection. They’re still super popular today, but they’re not as “new” of a concept. Speaking of new, this one came from the NEW book, hence why I wasn’t aware until relatively recently that Simply Delicious even had a pita sandwich recipe.

Note that they give you a recipe for two different fillings, with a third mentioned in the TIPS section.

Ingredients. I’ve got some Tofurky slices to swap for the ham, but everything else is there (even the blue cheese). For cooked green beans, you can cook some fresh ones, open up a can, or defrost some frozen ones–I chose option 3.

Defrosting said green beans.

Worked on the rest of the mise en place while the beans cooked.

Mixing up the blue cheese, yogurt, and garlic.

Here’s something you don’t want to do (that I did)–don’t put the lettuce IN the mixture. Even the recipe states that you put the lettuce in the pita separately.

Here’s filling #1 finished–this is the blue cheese one. Onto the tuna one.

Mixing the tuna and green beans–yum? ?

Adding in the hard-boiled egg and tomatoes.

Filling the pitas with the second mixture, and adding some dressing on top.

Final plate, tuna mixture on the left, blue cheese one on the right. I think I preferred the blue cheese one, but I’d make modifications to both if I was doing it to my own preferences.

Grade: B