9-11: Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed peppers were not a big thing in my household growing up–neither my mom or I are big fans of bell peppers (sorry dad). However, that may not be the case for you–9-11: Stuffed Peppers might be something you’re more than familiar with. Since this was a “new book” recipe, I didn’t even know Simply Delicious had a stuffed peppers recipe…until now.

I had written a while ago (in 9-23: Fruity Sausage Kebabs) that I had at that point covered all the Chapter 09 recipes that I possess…and then I found the new book and had a few more to cover. Well, I’ve reached that point again–this is (again) the last recipe I have for this chapter. Unless more recipes turn up somewhere (don’t send them to me, I’m not trying to be the online library for this book), this is it for Ground Meat and Sausage.

I’m not sure how adding rice per the TIPS (without eliminating any of the other ingredients) is supposed to make the dish cheaper. If you replace some of the meat, sure–but that’s not what it says.

Ingredients. Per usual, swapping the ground meat with ground “meat” and using oat milk/dairy free cheese instead of the real stuff. Broth is “beef”-flavored (but actually vegan). I didn’t have two onions, so you get one onion and a shallot.

We tend to buy “imperfect” produce, so I got lucky that a few of these were actually the right size/shape for this dish. The weird red one–well, I’ll do my best with it.

Mixing up the panade.

Letting it sit so it soaks up the liquid.

After sitting–it should be almost like oatmeal.

Tossing in the ground “meat” and the egg. The fake meat looks pretty real, doesn’t it?

Peppers are stuffed, and are now standing (except for my special one there) in the pan, ready to be baked.

Adding in the liquid.

Topping with the cheese (fake Cheddar and fake Mozzarella).

After baking. The “meat” got some nice color, but the cheese could have used some help with melting (one of the downsides of using the fake stuff). They had a nice ring of rice around theirs, so I tried to recreate it best I could.

The results of the others–I think they turned out okay, even though the cheese could have used some help. Even the special one looks somewhat appetizing. I’m still not a huge fan of stuffed peppers, but this is definitely a serviceable recipe for it.

Grade: B