11-24: Salmon and Halibut Kebabs

Fish kebabs are probably not high on your Christmas dinner idea list (unless you’re reading from the Southern Hemisphere), but that doesn’t mean that you still can’t file 11-24: Salmon and Halibut Kebabs away for when it warms up a bit. Or if you’re not crazy like us and still grilling outdoors in late December, you can do this one inside on the broiler as well.

I know, I probably can’t convince you to eat grilled fish in the middle of winter. But like I said–save this one for spring/summer when it warms up. It’s a perfect light meal for a warm night where you don’t want to heat up the kitchen.

Note that the recipe does mention that if you’re not grilling them outside, you can do them inside on the broiler rack.

Ingredients. My produce looks a little odd due to it being “imperfect“–the salmon is “imperfect” as well. They often have halibut too, but didn’t at the time so that one’s from the actual market.

I have to tell you–during the height of COVID we were able to pick up some pretty interesting things from that service, mostly due to restaurants not being able to use what would be normally set aside for them. We still use it, but it’s “stabilized” somewhat now, instead of being essentially what could be considered “food roulette” for a while.

Prepping the veggies for skewering–I’m using metal skewers instead of wooden ones.

Cubed boneless halibut.

After skewering all the pieces, I ended up with 5 instead of 4. Bonus!

Prepping the marinade–first you zest, then you squeeze. Doing it the other way is much harder.

Brushing the marinade onto the kebabs.

Marinating–I would have preferred soaking them, but there’s not enough space/marinade.

After they were finished marinating, I transferred them to a broiler pan. We have a grill now, but didn’t at the time–so we’re going with the indoor method.

After their trip through the broiler. Not as charred as if they had been on the grill, but good enough.

Final picture, served with some rice on the side. I thought they were pretty yummy, and very light/citrusy–perfect for summer. Too bad it’s a few days from Christmas. Is this like when we do Christmas in July? It feels like it.

Grade: A-