7-4: German Pork Stew

Guten Tag! Today, I have 7-4: German Pork Stew for you, which is probably a very appropriate winter-weather dish for right now. This isn’t an original recipe–you can find a lot of varieties of this same dish with just some simple searching. They all seem to include the same three base ingredients: onions, pork, and sauerkraut.

Stews are varied for Simply Delicious–sometimes you get something rather traditionally “stew-like” (like 8-27: Classic Beef Stew), and then sometimes you get recipes like this one that seem closer to…something else. Not anything bad, just not “stew” (as I think of it).

Here’s my main stew-related criticism when it comes to Simply Delicious–they’re not using enough water/liquid. 1/4 cup of water is not even going to make much of a sauce, much less a stew. I have similar feelings about several of their soup recipes.

They push the bratwurst hard in the cover blurb and the TIPS, yet suggest you use Canadian bacon in the actual recipe. Interesting choice.

Ingredients. I went with the “bratwurst” recommendation, although these are a meatless variety. Add in some non-dairy butter, and this is now veganized. Not too hard of a swap.

Peeling/chopping the onion.

Sautéing the onion wedges.

Tossed in the sauerkraut, cumin, and water. Still not sure how this is supposed to be a stew…

Sliced up the brats–I’m basically going to cook these the same as they recommend for the Canadian bacon.

I cooked the sausages and then tossed them in with the sauerkraut and onion. All liquid is gone at this point.

To go with the “stew”, I made some roasted mixed potatoes. You can find a similar recipe for them here if you’re interested.

Here’s the final “stew”, and it also happens to be the final picture since I seem to have forgotten to take a plate picture. It was decent-tasting (but NOT very stew-like), and very Germanic.

Grade: B+