11-22: Scallops with Tomatoes

Simply Delicious says that now (winter) is the time for scallops, so here’s 11-22: Scallops with Tomatoes for you. It’s very similar to one of my FAVORITE recipes from this book, 11-12: Creamy Sautéed Shrimp (otherwise known in my family as “Shrimp Something”).

Seafood + butter + curry + tomatoes + cream is pretty much always going to be a win. With rice, 10/10?

Here’s where the wintertime (Northern Hemisphere) sea scallop season claim is made–seems to be backed up based on what I can find. What they don’t mention is that the bay scallops are in season at the opposite time, around summer/fall.

Ingredients. I don’t have whipping cream, so sour cream (slightly thinned) will have to do. No chives, but I do have some sad, limp parsley.

Patting the scallops dry–this helps get a good sear on them.

Heating the butter in my cast-iron. I should have cut this butter with some vegetable oil to keep the butter hot but not smoking.

After flipping the scallops–I had WAY too much liquid in this pan to get a decent sear. Oh well.

Mixing my sour cream into the tomato/liquid mixture, but NO scallops (that’ll turn them into hockey pucks).

Sauce was probably thicker than intended due to the use of sour cream, but it was still decent. Scallops hanging out in the back–I didn’t put them back into the sauce at all. I placed them on top of each bowl instead to keep them from overcooking.

Final bowl. You can see some got an okay sear on them, but I could have done much better. Oh well, it all tasted good anyway.

Grade: A-